Saturday, March 14, 2015

                                                                  Let's open the GATE

Hi!! Guys I am Tamojit Chatterjee(AIR - 05 in GATE-2015 CSE).
This Blog is one of those blogs that a top 100 rank holder typically writes after the results(as a way to answer few common questions thrown at his way by others preparing for GATE).
So, let's get on with it.....
First things First , since I cleared GATE while working in TCS(at Bangalore).So, lot of people are asking me is it possible to do gate prep(and succeed) while working for some company.
Let me answer it in c(since we are from CSE)

          printf("DAMN YESSSS!!!");
} else {
          printf("FIX UP YOUR DAMN MIND......FIRST");
I hope u have got your answer.If not then in simple words, the answer to the question is completly on how bad you want it. If you want it bad enough you can(will) get it. With all of us now pumped up let's get into a little bit of the 'HOW TO's OF PREPARATION WHILE WORKING' :

1> to clear GATE you need hard work, discipline and routine
    a> what I used to do was try to study for a fixed period of hours everyday(including work days)
          say for example 3-4 hrs(enough if you start with sufficient time in your hands).
    b> divide the syllabus into proper sub units(DIVIDE) and try and study(AND CONQUER) them               separately and try to do them in proper order so that you don't require a sub-part you have not
          studied yet.
 2> Practise makes a man perfect.
    a> Practise as much as you can. Now where to practise from you ask. From prev years GATE                  Questions. This book is quite nice and I used it to practise(though it does not have all the
          IT Questions).
    b> this site here is the all in all  for GATE questions and answers and doubts(including previous            years questions). Now guys this site is important because every book has some considerable                amount of error, this is where the site come's in handy and has all the answers well explained by          Experts like(Arjun Sir).
    c> enroll in some test series(Gate ForumMade EasyACE) and give them very seriously. I                      suggest you take up gate forum's test series for how you stand in the competition(All India) and 
         made easy for hard and stimulating questions. But do not trust their answers completely and                search for them on line or post in GATE specific sites like Gate-Overflow, Tech Tud.
  3> Good Materials is Equivalent to a good arsenal of Weapons as you are a Soldier Fighting to                 secure a rank in GATE.
      a> gate-cse this link contains all the required materials list and the URL to access them. I highly                recommend you to go to this site and have a look at all the materials.
      b> use your greatest friend Wikipedia and other open source sites like(TechTud) and browse
           through a lot of these questions and look at the most voted answers.
      c> you can also follow Ravindra Babu's Lecture they are really high quality and  awesome                        videos.
      d> See my friends Blog for more help on materials.
  4> Execution
       a> this is the most crucial part and sometimes the sole differentiation between a good and a bad
            rank.Sadly this cannot be controlled as those 3 hours are either in your favour or not(that                     happened with me the last time nothing went in my favour the last time).
       b> So, stay positive and think positive and do not  worry about the things that are not in your
       c> The only thing that can be done to improve this is to practise practise and practise.

                                                               BEST OF LUCK